# Other Frequently Asked Questions

# Question 1 : Does your product supports both cloud and on-premise hosting (What is the process)?

Yes, we do support both.

On-premise hosting requires you to have a server with below mentioned requirements.

Linux OS ARM/64 (Ubnutu preferred)
4GB of RAM
25GB of ROM
and tis 
Other tools required, Docker, Docker-compose

We can provide a documentation on how to setup as per your request.

Or we can also visit on site to install it for you.

# Question 2 : Is your product just for detecting website vulnerabilities, or does it also track server, cloud, and network issues?

For the time being, ReconwithMe only scans websites for bugs. However, we intend to scan for network issues in the near future.

# Question 3 : Could you kindly explain how the data in the cloud is safeguarded?

We have security researchers who are constantly monitoring our tool looking for bugs and patching them as soon as possible. Being a company aware about cyber security, we leave no way for attackers to penetrate our network in any way.

# Question 4 : What distinguishes you from your market’s competitors, such as Acunetix, Nessus, and others?

ReconwithMe is a young company with mature team trying our best to meet up with other tools while trying to keep minimal subscription cost in mind.

# Question 5 : Is it capable of scanning APIs? If yes, do we need to view various API’s as separate targets/scopes?

In black-box testing we try to accumulate as much endpoints as we can gather through just a single target. But we can’t promise to scrap every endpoints from just a single target since its hard to crawl and gather APIs endpoints. But in future we have planned to provide a specific service where user/organization can provide us all their endpoints where our tools will try to find vulnerabilities in it.

# Question 6 : Does the tool fulfill the guidelines set by NRB, NTA, PCI, DISS, ISO for audits?

It clearly complies with ISO and other standards.

# Question 7 : Does your product give functions like database scan, database configuration, dynamic analysis, sand boxing

No, we do not provide such service yet.

# Question 8 : Is it necessary to put it on only one server while installing it on premises?

You have the option of hosting the service on various servers. It is entirely up to you.

# Question 9 : Does ReconwithMe inject data on the platform?

We will have to inject data onto the platform to test for bugs, but  it will be of low impact.

# Question 10 : How are the engines built?

ReconwithMe, which was designed from the scratch and is powerful in and of itself, has a variety of scans applied. However, we also employ a few opensource tools to recon and scan the target, such as findomain and SQLmap.

# Question 11 : Will we be able to use it with other applications?

We can provide our API if organization demands to use their own interface.