# Tutorial

# How to use

# Step 1: Setting Up

  • Download the extension from chrome web store.
  • Enable the extension.

# Step 2: Authencating

  • Make sure you are logged in to your reconwithme account.
  • Click on the extension icon in the top left corner of the screen.

# Step 3: Extension's dashboard

  • Extension's dashboard shows a option to select target.
  • Pick a target from the list on which you want to enable authencated scanning.

# Step 4: Setting up auth

  • After selecting a target, a new tab opens with the target website.
  • Press Record on extension after the website loads.
  • Navigate to login page of the website, then fill the credencials and submit the login.
  • After finishing the login, stop the recording and click on "Save Record" button, to save the authencation process.
  • Next time you scan a target, this method is used to authencate and mentions session throughout the session and scan deeper.

# important notes

  • Use the extension on a freshly Installed browser or on a browser that has been used before.
  • Don't use saved password, or copy paste your credencial. You will have to type your credencial to let the extension records it.
  • Login page cannot contain 2fa, if it does, you will have to disable it.
  • Login page cannot contains a captcha, if it does, you will have to disable it.
  • If you have entered cookie string on target info, this method of logging in and grabbing session cookie is ignored.